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Continuous access to actionable Programs & Tips to address your needs and manage your life.

  • Reduce stress

    Reduce stress

  • Develop soft skills

    Develop soft skills

  • Improve productivity

    Improve productivity

  • Build a better life

    Build a better life

Actionable guidelines for you and those you care for to adapt, grow & succeed, at the office and at home.

The right advice,
at the right moment

Benefit for you and others, from the right piece of advice, based on your current situation and how you feel at that moment.

The opportunity
to share and inspire

Your input matters, whether you are a professional or a soft skills enthusiast willing to help others being more sustainable.

ShamanX Stories

Today’s evolutions require transformation and changes of mindsets for many of my employees. With ShamanX, we can provide to one another the right piece of advice at the right moment



HR Director in a large industrial Group

My life is sometimes too stressful. And I lose track of what is important to develop my start-up. With ShamanX I can use daily programs to come down and be more efficient at business execution



Entrepreneur in a high-growth Scale-Up

I use ShamanX for my everyday day life. I have bookmarked tips of actions I need to perform or share with my friends and relatives in Sport and life attitude



Dynamic Lady

I have 3 strategic Sales Meetings every week. With ShamanX Tips and Programs, at each meeting I improve my soft skills -awareness, leadership... - on how to present our Software to my clients. ShamanX also provides immediate answers for helping manage my mood -nervous, sad, happy...- at the meetings.



Sales at a Software Company


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