You Want to Make Your Dream a Reality. There Is a Plan for That.

By Pamii
You Want to Make Your Dream a Reality. There Is a Plan for That.


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Do you have a big idea?

An idea so amazing that whenever you get a chance to talk about it, you feel lit up, alive and inspired? Do you have a dream that you know will change people’s lives for the better? Or do you have a personal goal that you want to accomplish, but you do not know where to start?

If you said “YES!” but are still unclear or uncertain how to move your dream into reality, having a guide map, and steps to follow can help you manage roadblocks and expectations and will lead you to success.


In the Program, 5-Step Action Plan to Make Your Dream a Reality, explore the five actionable steps that will help you gain clarity to confidently share your dream and gifts with the world.

Here are the highlights from the Program to get you started:


  1. Saying Yes

    Learning to say yes takes courage and fortitude. Especially when you run into setbacks and challenges. It takes perseverance to continue to think about and make time for your dream, especially when you feel fear or pressure related to its potential success.
    Learn how to recognize your resistance and patterns that hold you back. Learn how to create opportunities that keep you moving toward success.

  2. Visualize and Let Your Dream Grow

    Making time to think about your dream and then going through the detailed process of visualization is a proven method that will lead you closer to your dream becoming a reality.
    The power of detailed visualization is a proven strategy that’s like strength training for your brain.
    Learn tips and tools in this Program to understand the confidence and resilience-building power of strong visualization practice.

  3. Act with Small Steps Toward Success

    Explore actionable strategies that help you create and accomplish small tasks that incrementally build positive momentum over time. Consistent small wins lead to big wins, and positive momentum in the right direction makes hard work feel easy and manageable.
    Your dream becoming a reality is taking shape.

  4. Step 4: Shaping Your Dream and Finding Support

    Success rarely happens alone, and support can impact your dream’s success in a big way. Having a personal and professional network of supportive peers and friends can make all the difference when challenges arise.
    Explore ways to create a game plan to receive support when setbacks occur. Learn to create an encouraging environment to continue to make your dream a reality.

  5. Evolving and Sharing Your Dream

    Having your dream become a reality is no small task and takes hard work and perseverance.
    Taking time to reflect on your journey toward success and sharing your wisdom with others permits others to dream big too.



This article is inspired by the Program: 5-Step Action Plan to Make Your Dream a Reality.

To learn more, find the complete free plan on the ShamanX app, subscribe to it & practice it daily.