How to Reduce Stress With Mindful Breathing

By Daniel
How to Reduce Stress With Mindful Breathing

Stress can leave us feeling overwhelmed, ungrounded, and unfocused.

From increased heart rate to scattered thoughts and muscle tension, we struggle to calm down, take control, and regain our sense of well-being.

Luckily, we have within us our very own stress management toolkit – our breath.

In Use Mindful Breathing Practices to Reduce Stress and Restore Calm, ShamanX Coach, Kalia, shows how tapping into your breath and using it mindfully can help you take back control and keep stress at bay.

Identify Signs of Stress Breathing

If your breath feels short or shallow, it could be a sign that stress is getting the better of you.

Learn to become more aware of your normal breathing pattern so you can quickly intervene when you notice stress creeping in.

When you feel at ease, mindfully scan through your body and notice where your breath flows easily – maybe it’s in your abdomen or chest or nostrils.

Remember this the next time you find yourself stress breathing. You want to return to this so you can start to feel calmer and more relaxed.

Find Calm Through Mindful Breathing

Using only your breath, there are many ways can shift yourself from stressed to calm and focused.

– Try slowing your breath. Slowing your breath signals to the brain that you are safe and have no reason to panic.

– Try deep belly breathing. This enables you to take in more air, helping you release tension, regain focus, and feel calmer.

– Or try a physiological sigh. Just take two nose inhales followed by a slow mouth exhale. Research shows this helps us quickly regain control of our feelings in times of stress.

Practice Mindful Breathing Each Day

A calming, morning breath practice sets the right tone for the day. It also reminds you what a healthy breath feels like should you find yourself stress breathing later on.

Box breathing helps you stay grounded. U.S. Navy Seals do this before entering into high-stress situations. Just inhale for four, hold for four, exhale for four, and pause for four.

And an end-of-day breath practice helps you sleep better and wake up calmer. Just lay in bed, slowly inhale through your nose, and think about something you are grateful for.

Reduce Stress With Mindful Breathing!

Learn more about how to practice these and other mindful breathing techniques! Visit this Program, Use Mindful Breathing Practices to Reduce Stress and Restore Calm, available only in the ShamanX app.