The Origin of ShamanX Instant Coach: A Word from our Founder, Dan Vogel.

By Dan Vogel
The Origin of ShamanX Instant Coach: A Word from our Founder, Dan Vogel.

As a serial entrepreneur, coach, and Board Member of high-growth companies in the Sustainability space, I have always been fascinated by how a person can develop professionally and personally. Efficiency and speed of development can drastically improve depending on the people you are working with, the quality of interactions with colleagues, and adhesion to your team mission and company values.

I have met great people who not only revealed themselves but also impacted others around them, helping them be happier, more relaxed, or create financial and business value… through adapted interactions and coaching.

That passion for tapping into the capacities of human potential is one of the 2 main reasons why I decided to start ShamanX project a few years ago.

The other reason is my passion for Environment Social Governance – ESG – and the need we have to build a sustainable world for our children and humanity in general.

I have been working in ESG for more than 2 decades now. Among others, I co-founded and led for 17 years the first global Saas/Software company in ESG, Enablon. During that time, I saw many influential companies implement ESG corporate practices across the world. Our ESG Software was rolled out in thousands of companies in the world, including in half of the 10 largest global organizations.

We also provided our ESG technology to support social and health development in the Food industry, Computer Supply Chain, and Sportswear industry. Companies used our Software for reduced environmental impact, improved health and safety, and better work conditions.

Still, we could see that to execute ESG plans, regardless of the quality of the software or consulting we provided, a company, employees, and corporate executives first needed to have the right mindset.

That knowledge also contributed to my decision to start a company that would innovate in the field of human potential and enable people to be more balanced, efficient, and sustainable.

ShamanX coaching products and technology have been developed after 3 years of R&D and input from entrepreneurs, employees, coaches, psychologists, professors, and ESG practitioners from many countries and different backgrounds.

Now we are officially launching ShamanX Instant Coach.

ShamanX’s mission is Enabling Sustainable People©.

With the ShamanX Instant Coach app, employees and executives are empowered with a growing number of instant Programs from acclaimed coaches that help you acquire new soft skills: learn to be less stressed, more efficient at work, more balanced, and relaxed. In other words, learn to be more sustainable for you, for those around you at work… and at home.