3 Ways To Beat the Monday Blues and Kickstart Your Week

By Daniel
3 Ways To Beat the Monday Blues and Kickstart Your Week

Ah, Mondays. Sigh.

Who hasn’t at one time or another felt a bit blue as a relaxing, stress-free weekend comes to an end? Who hasn’t experienced the low-level dread of a new week filled with responsibilities, stress, and an early morning alarm?

For many, the Monday blues are all too real. And for good reason. That cluster of negative emotions we feel come Monday morning is often a sign we are in serious need of improved work-life balance.

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1. Keep Your Monday Schedule Light

Do you evenly complete tasks throughout the week? Do you manage large tasks in small increments over time?

Or is your weekly schedule unbalanced? Is Monday your catch-up day, the day you get to all the work you let pile up throughout the week before?

If the latter is true, there is a good chance you may be overscheduling your Mondays. If your weekly schedule lacks balance and organization, it is worth exploring how you can plan to complete fewer tasks at the start of the week.

2. Find Your Monday Mojo

When is the last time you checked in with yourself? The last time you took a good, long look at the attitude you bring to your job? The last time you did something nice for yourself on a Monday morning?

It may be time to reassess your attitude. If you aren’t taking steps to ensure a positive week ahead, beating the Monday blues will only be that much harder. Find ways to reignite your excitement, your motivation, and your overall positivity for a happier start to the week.

3. Consider Your Workplace and Job

For some, the Monday blues aren’t so much about dreading the start of a new week as they are returning to a job that just isn’t working. Maybe it’s an unreasonable workload. Or indifferent colleagues. Or a general lack of support.

If your job makes you want to stay in bed come Monday morning, it is important to identify the exact reason why this is the case. And work towards solutions that will make Monday morning at the office a place you want to be, not avoid.

Beat Those Monday Blues
and Start the Week Off Right!

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